Vaginal discharge is a whitish or clear fluid produced by our vagina. The discharge is mostly odourless or has a musky odor. This discharge aims to protect the vagina from infection, provide lubrication, and help to maintain overall vaginal health. It may, however, be responsible for vaginal odor, and many women seek ways to reduce it.

In women, vaginal odor is a major problem. Many women have the impression that their vagina stinks, significantly impacting their personality. They may believe that being in public will bring out their vagina’s unpleasant smell, earning them a bad reputation. Some women are afraid to wear short dresses or skirts because they are self-conscious about their vaginal odor.

So, this being a major concern among girls, we came to your rescue. Here we will be giving tips on How to treat Vaginal Odor. Home remedies that are extremely simple and easy to implement – no muss, no fuss!

Treating Vaginal Odour at Home

1.     Maintaining Good Hygiene

Cleaning on a regular basis is essential! But don’t overdo it. You do not need to buy expensive items. What you must do is as follows:

  • Clean the space between your legs. Remove the sweat, debris, and dead skin with a soft cloth.
  • Though loofahs should not be used on vaginas, they may cause minor rips that expose the area to infection.
  • Avoid using scented body washes and soaps to mask the odour. The smells and chemicals may cause a disruption in your vaginal pH.

Furthermore, only use mild soap on the outside of the area. The area between the labia is much more sensitive, and soap frequently burns and irritates it. So, how are you going to clean it? Allowing the water to run over the labia around the vagina is sufficient.

2.     Using Baking Soda

Your thinking might be limited to the point that the only use of baking soda is in making cookies and cakes. You’ll be surprised how quickly this tried-and-true method can help eliminate vaginal odor.

What you need to do is

  • Soak your lower body in a bath of baking soda for 20-30 minutes.
  • A tablespoon baking soda in 2 cups of water can also be used as a vaginal douche.

When the body’s pH level is off, the vaginal odor worsens. Baking soda helps restore your pH levels, thereby controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi. This immediately treats the infection and eliminates the vaginal odor.

3.     Tea Tree Oil

You need to get rid of those vaginal deodorants and wipes as soon as possible. The chemicals in these products can upset the pH balance of the vagina, causing infection and odor. Instead, use natural tea tree oil diluted in water as a vaginal wash to remove odors.

What you are going to do is

  • You will take 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Mix drops of oil in the water.
  • Rinse the vaginal area with the oil-water mixture.

4.     Applying Yogurt

Yogurt may not be your favorite food, but it can help diminish and reduce vaginal odor. Consuming two cups of unsweetened yogurt daily, preferably with meals, can help restore the vaginal pH to normal.

You need to take,

  • 1-2 teaspoons of yogurt are required.
  • A single tampon

What You Must Do

  • Gently insert the tampon into your vagina after dipping it in yogurt.
  • Leave it for an hour or two. Then thoroughly rinse it.

If you have a very strong vaginal odor, you can dip cotton pads in yogurt and gently rub them on the vagina.

5.     Spraying Rose Water

Rosewater benefits your labia because it contains antioxidants, treats infections, and helps with skin irritation. All you need to do is take rose water and spray it around the vagina to reduce the odor.


A change in vaginal odor can indicate a larger problem that you may be unable to treat on your own. It is best to see a doctor or other healthcare professional as soon as possible to help prevent your symptoms from worsening.

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