How to Take a Screenshot in Windows

At times, we come across something that we desperately need to save. It could be an issue with your laptop that you need to show your IT department, a high score on your favourite game, or a picture. Whatever it is, you need to know how to take a screenshot in your laptop. It can save you a world of trouble. For example, whenever you are working on a company-issued laptop, an error pops up and closes all your windows.

When you take the laptop to the IT department, you have trouble explaining the error because you cannot recall it word to word. In such a situation, a screenshot of the error can help you save time and effort. At the same time, the IT team can find the issue promptly and work on the fix. Every system has a way of taking a screenshot. In today’s how to article, we will let you know how to take a screenshot in Windows on your laptop or computer.

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Taking a Screenshot in Windows

There are different ways to capture a screenshot in Windows-based laptops or computers.

Take Screenshot of the Screen

The easiest way is to press the print screen button on your keyboard. Can’t find it? Well, it is because this button is shortened to ‘prt sc’ in most keyboards. When you press this button, it will automatically take a screenshot of the screen. You can then paste the picture in a Word file. The result is shown below.

Screenshot Windows

However, it means that you will have to crop out the unnecessary information from the picture which can be frustrating.

Take Screenshot of the Active Window

If you wish to take a picture of the active window alone, press ‘Alt + prt sc’ buttons together.

Screenshot Active Windows

As you can see, the device takes a screenshot of the window that is open.

Save Screenshot Automatically

If you want to take a screenshot and save it automatically to the Screenshot folder in the main Pictures folder, then press ‘Windows Key + prt sc’ together. Let us press it. You can see the results below.

Take Screenshot of a Portion of the Screen

What if you want to take a screenshot of only a small portion of the screen? Well, in that case, you will need to press ‘Windows + Shift + S’ keys together. You will see the below screen. It is the Windows snipping tool.

Screengrab with Window's Snipping Tool.

As you can see on the top of the picture, there are various options. You can select any one to take a screenshot of any portion of the screen. In this tutorial, we selected the second one.

As you can see in the right side of the below image, the screenshot is copied to the clipboard.

To access the clipboard, press ‘Windows + V’. You will see the recent things that you have copied in that list. You can then paste the screengrab anywhere you want.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article on how take a screenshot in Windows. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the above tips, let us know. Thank You.

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