How to Record Calls on Skype

Skype is one of the best video calling applications. It is been around for a long time now. Since the start of the Covid-19, video calling apps have witnessed a huge growth. Zoom is one such example. The company saw almost 300 million users login to the app every day. Facebook and Google are also competing with Zoom through their own apps. Google Meet is free after Google saw an opportunity in the video call market.

But this article is specifically focused on Skype and its record calling feature. Skype allows its users to record and download calls for later use. With a click of a mouse, you can start recording an audio or video call. This useful feature enables its user to preserve the call for later use. Before we discuss how to record calls on Skype, let’s talk why recording calls is necessary in the first place.

Why You Should Record Calls?

Customer Service

If your call is to a customer, call recording can help improve customer service. You can listen to the recording repeatedly to understand what the customer wants. Likewise, the management can keep an eye on employees and how they interact with customers. Overall, this will help you bring more value to your customers.

Training & Self-Improvement

You can use the recording for training and self-improvement. Irrespective of which job role it is, one can re-listen to the entire conversation. It can help identify weak points and help you improve on them. The management can also assess their employees’ and recommend trainings accordingly. For instance, if an employee engages very little in a meeting, management can train the employee in communication skills.

Record Keeping

Consider that you are holding an important meeting over Skype. Due to a breakdown in internet connection or low speeds, you are unable to understand what exactly went around in the meeting. In such an event, you can always review a recording. You can borrow it from your colleague or the IT team. Missing important decisions in a meeting is a recipe for disaster which can very quickly result in termination from the job.

Protection Against Lawsuit

Likewise, you can use the recordings as evidence if someone were to accuse you of misconduct. For example, a colleague accuses you of inappropriate conduct over a Skype call. These days, it is quite easy to lose a job even before being proven guilty. Call recording can help you avoid such situations. Even a customer can accuse you of misrepresentation or anything similar. Hence, a recording will come in quite handy.

Here is how you can start a Skype call recording.

How to Record Skype Calls & Videos on your PC?

Step 1: First, click on the name of the user you wish to call. You will get a window like the one shown below. On the top right corner, you have the option for audio & video call. Select the one you prefer. In this guide, I am going to do a simple audio call.

Call a User on Skype

Step 2: You can start recording while being on a call in both windows and Mac Book. You will see a “+” icon or three dots at the bottom right corner of the call window.

Tap on the Three Dots - Skype

Step 3: After clicking on the 3 dots, a menu will appear. Select “start recording.”

Click on Start Recording

A banner with the call time will appear at the top left of the screen as you start recording. There is also a privacy notice on the top right corner of the screen.

Privacy Notice and Recording Notification on Skype

Other people on the call can also see the banner. They receive a notification “_____ (user name of the person who started the call) is recording the call.”

User Gets a Notification

You can stop the recording by click “Stop recording” on the banner. Recording stops when you cancel the call as well.

How to Download Call Recordings in Skype?

To download the call recording, go into the chat and right click on the recording. You will get different options such as ‘Save to Downloads’ and ‘Save As’. One can save it anywhere they want. In the case of iOS, you will see the option “Save.”

Download the Skype Recording

Download it and watch it any time you want. Keep in mind that the recorded Skype call is available for 30 days only. After that, it disappears. So make sure to download it before time.

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