How to Lose Excess Body Weight?

For some people, the weight loss journey can be quite frustrating and emotional. There have been numerous stories about people ending on the bad side of mental health when it comes to losing belly fat. Keto weigh loss programs and diet plans for weight loss seem to no longer work for such people.

But what most of us fail to realize is that there is no best way to losing weight. This is all a myth that has been propagated by flimsy nutritionists, influencers, and celebrities. Weight loss requires a lot of motivation and patience. You get to hear the clichéd tips and bits of advice to do exercises and cut off carbs and what not. However, there is no truth to any of it.

In this article, I will be discussing the simplest of ways to losing weight fast and in a healthy way.

Lose Weight Fast

The heading is misleading. Because there is no way to lose weight fast. As said earlier, you need to instil in yourself patience. The weight loss journey is crucial and starts just after you have decided to shed the weight. For losing weight, the first step that you need to take is not to gain any further weight. Various techniques can help to achieve this goal like:

1. Drink water before eating anything:

Drinking water not only boosts your metabolism rate but also covers up a portion of your stomach by filling it with water. The water will help you consume less food and will help you digest the consumed food as well. A study has shown that the people who consume half a liter of water tend to lose more weight than those who do not (Dennis et al., 2010). There are numerous studies which support drinking water for weight management (Stookey, 2010).

2. Portion Control:

It is very important to take a healthy body along with you on this journey of weight loss. Often people deprive their bodies of basic nutrition. As a result, the weight loss journey becomes terrible for them leaving several deficiencies in their bodies that are hard to overcome. It is very important to first train the body. Rather than starving yourself to death, portion control your food.

What is Portion Control?

In simple terms, it means eating healthy. During portion control, healthy amounts of a certain food are consumed rather than one, big portion. This way, the body is getting enough nutrition. Portion control will help you maintain a healthy body along with the required calorie count. This way, you eat what your body requires.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

When the bodyweight is stagnant, it is easier and faster to lose weight. Therefore, it is important to follow the first two points before really starting to shed the weight off. Coming towards losing weight, I consider exercise the most effective techniques.


Exercise contributes to weight loss to a degree of almost 70%. However, it is very important to know your body form and body structure before starting to exercise. Get started with:


Walking is one of the healthiest and easiest forms of exercises. Do not try the 10,000 steps challenge right away. Build up stamina and gradually work your way to 10,000 steps. Walking for weight loss is a time-tested way and feasible for all sorts of people. A beginner should start with walking at least half an hour a day.

According to Harvard Health, it is estimated that a 70 kg person burns around 167 calories in 30 minutes at a regular pace of 4 mph.

Jogging or Running

Jogging or running is another effective way to lose weight. It is more effective than walking for sure and shows rapid results. Both running and jogging are great exercises. They are considered to burn harmful visceral fat commonly known as belly fat. This type of fat is responsible for highly risky diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Weightlifting and Cardio

Weight lift to lose weight.

Dieting has some side effects. Muscle loss is the most common side effect. Since muscles provide a vital role in weight loss and body formation, it is necessary to gain and build muscles. Weight lifting and cardio might help in this case. They can keep your metabolism rate fast and prevent you from losing muscle mass.

A Good Diet Plan

Once you have made your weight stagnant, exercising will help you start losing it. The right diet routine supported by exercise makes the process easier and fast. Diet plans are of various kinds. A popular one is Keto Diet. There is no best diet plan for weight loss. Each person requires a different diet. Nevertheless, the best is which gives you the proper amount of nutrition, the required amount of carbs and fats.

Some basic requirements for a good diet plan are:

Cut the Sugar to Lose Weight & Improve Health

As we, all know sugar is loaded with unhealthy calories. That’s not all. Excessive sugar consumption also increases the risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, cutting unnecessary sugar out of your life will not only contribute a lot to your weight loss but will lead you to a healthy life.

Eat whole, single-ingredient foods

Whole foods including nuts, dry fruits, meat, chicken, etc. are more filling and contain protein compared to non-whole foods that will help in your hunger pangs.

It is difficult to gain weight if your diet is comprised of whole or single-ingredient foods.

Take the required supplements

Because of diet, you may face some vitamin deficiencies. Therefore, it is important to take the vital supplements prescribed by a professional, which will keep a balance, and you will not have to face any resulting weaknesses.

Eat 4-5 times a day

It does not sound like being on a diet but it is important to eat 4-5 times a day. It would mainly contain low-calorie snacks helping you in your hunger pangs and maintaining a balance. Once you have your breakfast, which will be a low-calorie breakfast, it is more likely to get hungry after 3-4 hours. After having lunch, which will be again low calorie, you can consume some whole ingredients or snacks between the span of lunch and dinner, that will help you survive the hunger. This is important to maintain the sugar level of your body or else you will feel weak in a week or so.

Bottom Line: I will always suggest to not going for weight measuring machines while you are on a go-to weight loss. However, you should measure your body through a measuring tape. This way the results are all in front of you, which matters. You would have a clear idea of what is affecting your body and what is helping your body. Take measurements of each of your body parts and compare every 10-15 days to see the results.


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