How To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

iPhone overheating warning.

Having a smartphone today is a basic necessity. It becomes quite difficult to carry out everyday tasks without it. Nevertheless, these handy gadgets present various problems too. Overheating is a major problem in smartphones. One might think that this problem is confined to low-end phones.

However, that’s not the case. Unfortunately, even premium phones like Apple’s iPhone have this problem. iPhone users are all to familiar with the temperature warning. This problem is not limited to older iPhone models. Latest models like the iPhone X and iPhone 11 also have this problem.

Samsung and Huawei users also face this problem. At times, the problem may lie in the hardware. In that case, there’s very little that you can do except get a replacement. Software updates are also known to cause this problem. Using the phone outdoors, especially on hot summer days can cause the phone to heat up. But more often than not, you can easily fix an overheating smartphone. Here’s how.

1. Reduce Excessive Use of the Phone

When a user uses a phone for too long, the battery works overtime and results in overheating. To prevent this, avoid clicking photos or playing games for hours at a stretch. It is also a bad idea to keep your phone’s brightness above 50. It results in overheating too.

Try to keep the brightness below 50% or set it to auto. This way, your phone will manage the brightness percentage according to its requirements automatically. You should also avoid watching videos for hours and hours. Since videos consume more power and drain the battery, binge-watching may lead to excessive heat generation.

2. Avoid Exposing the Phone to Direct Sunlight or Dust

On a hot summer day, you would want to hide from the blazing sun, and so does your phone. Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight. Try to put your phone inside your bags or pockets to avoid exposure. Same as sunlight, dust also causes heating problems. It is though a slow process.

Dust clogs up the speaker grilles and charging ports of your phone, blocking its ventilation. When the phone cannot take the heat out through the ports, the heat compiles, resulting in overheating. Steer clear of excessive use of phone outdoors, especially in the dusty areas. After a week or two, try to clean the ports and speaker grilles through appropriate tools. You can also use earbuds or toothpicks, as they are handy. 

3. Always Close Unused Apps

Your phone is working even when you are not using the apps because they are still open at the backend. Get in the habit of refreshing your phone’s window by closing all the apps at the backend. Also, close the unused apps while charging the phone. These applications take space in your memory and consume battery even though you are not using them.

4. Protect Yourself From Malware

Malware and bugs are often the primary sources of heating smartphones. Some bugs can result in excessive memory and battery consumption, which leads to heat generation. I only recommend installing applications from the Play store/App store to protect your smartphones from malicious software. Also, try to use a lesser number of apps in general. It will be better for the smartphone in less usage resulting in less battery drainage and memory consumption.

5. Check the Charging Cable, Port & Battery

Never use damaged, non-official data cables & batteries. They are harmful, and many cases of exploding smartphones are attributed to faulty cables/batteries. If you find your phone overheating while charging, try to change the cable/plug. You can also try a different socket. If that does not help, then its time to think about the battery. Look for the original battery of your smartphone model. Avoid using duplicate batteries at every cost.

6. Remove the Case

In case you are using a case to protect your phone, remove it immediately once you notice the phone is overheating. At times, the case can block proper ventilation to the mobile, causing it to heat up. If you are planning on using cases, buy from a reliable source.

7. Use a Phone Cooler

You might have seen a laptop cooling pad. If not, well the pad consists of a fan (in most cases) and you place your laptop on top of it. The pad cools down the laptop by directing air at it. Similarly, there are various phone coolers available in the market. If your phone keeps overheating while gaming or watching movies, you should invest in a phone cooler. You can easily find a cheap phone cooler at Amazon.

Phone Cooler to avoid smartphone overheating
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