How to Improve Battery Life on the iPhone?

While there are plenty of positive things about the iPhone, one thing that I absolutely hate is its battery. No matter how latest the phone is, its battery is always an issue. The latest iPhone 12 lineup also offers no hope when it comes to battery life. It feels like Apple is solely focused on the camera and speed paying no heed to the phone’s battery. In 2017, the company also admitted to battery throttling.

What is Battery Throttling?

Apple intentionally slowed down phones when the battery was worn out. The feature was controversial as Apple engaged in battery throttling without informing the customers. As a result of throttling, customers had to have their batteries replaced or upgrade to newer iPhone models. Apple has agreed to a $500 million class action law suit.

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Improve Battery Life on iPhone – Best Practices

  1. Limit the widgets that appear on your home screen especially the ones that rely on the internet. For instance the news widget. Since it gathers the news at every second and display, requires internet and runs in the background at all time, weather, etc.
  2. Avoid using fast chargers. Though they are convenient at the same time, they drain lithium-ion batteries more quickly than standard charging.
  3. Avoid extreme temperatures. Apple says it is safe if the temperature rises to 95F (35C), although most of the time it is not the ideal scenario where you can avoid extreme temperatures. Otherwise, if you can avoid such temperatures, it is probably a better idea.
  4. Avoid sealed cases. It is better to take off the case while charging as it heats up to some extent.

If you want to adjust the settings to improve battery health, then here are some tips.

Siri Settings

Siri’s suggestions have been known for draining iPhone’s battery life, therefore, it’s better to turn it off. For doing so,

  1. All you will need to do is go into the settings.
  2. Scroll down and click “Siri and settings.”
  3. Scroll down and turn all the switches off under the title “Siri suggestions.”

Background App Refresh

Another setting that will help you in saving your iPhone’s battery life is controlling the background app refresh. For that

  1. Go into the settings and click “General.”
  2. Scroll down to “background app refresh.”
  3. You will find a list of applications here. You do not need to turn all of them off. Just look for the applications that do not necessarily require refreshing in the background such as, test flight, spark, candy crush, etc. Turn them off by un-toggling the switch.

Email Push

One of the biggest battery drainer in IOS generally is Email push. For turning off the email push, follow the following steps.

  1. Go into the settings and click “Mail.”
  2. Go into accounts. Select “fetch new data.”
  3. Turn off push and select “Fetch” to manually. This way it will fetch the email each time you open the mail application rather than loading it in the background.

Activate Low Power Mode to Improve Battery on the iPhone

One of the strongest weapons against reducing power drainage is activating lower power mode. As the name suggests, it lowers the power required for consumption in the iPhone. For this, you will need to

  1. Go into the settings.
  2. Scroll down to Battery.
  3. Turn the “Lower Power Mode” on.

You will know when the feature is activated since the battery icon will turn yellow. This mode will automatically kick in when the battery reaches 2-0% or lower. However, you can set it manually as well.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Almost every application inside the phone requires Wi-Fi or data connectivity for processing. Shut down the Wi-Fi when not in need to save your battery. To do so

  1. Go into the settings and toggle the Wi-Fi off.

You can also turn the Wi-Fi off from the control center. For that, swipe down from the tope-right in iPhone X or newer iPhone. For the older, swipe down from the bottom. Click on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

Adjust the screen brightness to auto-brightness. The phone will automatically adjust the brightness to the required level. You can set the brightness manually as well.

For the auto-brightness setting

  1. Head onto settings.
  2. Select accessibility and click on “Display and text size.”
  3. Toggle the auto-brightness setting on.

You can do this by using the control center also. Swipe down the panel from the top and move the bar to adjust brightness.

Wrap Up

Similarly, you can turn the location service off, limit the notifications, turn the Bluetooth off or maybe keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid all unnecessary drainage. To save & Improve your iPhone’s battery, ASK YOURSELF ONE THING, is the feature necessary for current usage? If the answer is no, then turn it off.

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